Burlington Limestone

Took a road trip north of interstate 70 to see Sandy Creek Natural Tunnel, Union Covered Bridge and The Pinnacles. The rock formations for both are of Burlington Limestone. Camped at Tri-City Community Lake which had 6 or so nice little sites on a hill next to the lake.

Vilander Sunrise

Scouted out spots for a winter sunrise picture at Vilander Bluff. There was quite a bit of cloud cover at sunrise but seems like there is a lot of potential. Afternoon glow from sunset could also be good for pics facing upriver.

Royal Gorge

North of Arcadia and only a few miles from the highest point in Missouri, Royal Gorge sits just off the side of the road. Its history is both ancient, on the order of 1.5 billion years old volcanic rock — and more recent, with a giant stone and mortar wall constructed during the Great Depression which still supports the roadway. Designated a natural area in 1973, the shut-ins and towering rhyolite outcroppings above Minor Creek are magnificent.

Little Rock Creek Shut-in

Little Rock Creek Shut-in is a spectacular formation of lichen covered boulders, straight edge rhyolite chutes and turquoise plunge pools. At the southern base of Black Mountain, this shut-in's proximity to the road should be ignored. Its considerable beauty, coupled with the sounds of falling water drown out even the loudest passerby.