MWBP’s Backpacking “Etiquette 1”

This is a general guideline for group members. It is designed to facilitate a positive experience for all involved.

  1. Hike at your own pace, but stay within shouting distance of at least one other member at all times. I strongly encourage staying with at least one other member at all times.
  2. Be able to carry your own backpack/gear; don’t overload it to the point you cant carry it the whole event. And please bring enough water on “dry” events to be comfortable.
  3. Don’t be Macho. If you get hurt doing something stupid, we all pay for it.
  4. If you get lost because you went ahead too far (Macho), fell behind too far, be calm, stay put. Someone will be looking for you.
  5. While on the trail, be respectful of others within earshot who may not want to hear you babble all day about work, family, friends, problems, past hikes. They may want to enjoy the sounds and sites that the hike provides. It’s your hike, but also theirs too.
  6. We are all adults but this is NOT a dating Meetup. Things happen, but please don’t behave like it is one. You will be removed from the group if anyone comes to me with concerns.
  7. Some members will be beginners, some will be advanced. But we can all learn from each other, regardless of level of experience. If you consider yourself an expert, please don’t dish out unprompted advice or tips. We are here as a group to learn from each other, not from one person.
  8. Please keep all comments on the event posts brief. Keep post/comments relative to the event. Sharing group experiences is encouraged, but please refrain from long personal revelations/awakenings. Do not post negativity, personal advice, articles, personal opinions, items for sale, items for trade, ask for donations, pictures (other then for attended events), INAPPROPRIATE links to pictures or websites, phone numbers, or emails.
  9. If bringing alcohol to an event, drink as much as you like as long as you don’t become obnoxious, loud, not-fun, and/or can’t get up in time to hike out in the morning. This is just being courteous to all other members on a trip.
  10. If you RSVP for an overnight event and cannot go, please change your RSVP to a “NO” before the RSVP deadline for that event, preferably earlier. If there are folks on a waiting list, they will need more then just a day+ to commit to an overnighter. If you can’t make it at the very last minute to a backpacking event, a text or call is expected so we won’t be waiting for you.
  11. For all overnight events, the group is not there to serve as a tour group, take care of your needs, etc. Your active participation in setting up camp is expected. That includes collecting firewood, setting up group camp areas, and generally being helpful doing your share of tasks.