Rocky Creek Ozark National Scenic Riverways

Took the trailer down to Rocky Creek area for the weekend. Was able to get tucked in just up the road from the falls. The creek upstream from the falls was too high to ford so ended up in a turn around pullout. Parking area across the creek does have a no camping sign. Though it can be used for overnight parking. This makes Rocky Falls a viable trailhead for backpacking trips (assuming no rain forecasted).

On Saturday we explored Thorny Mountain. The road that goes toward the mine is in very good shape and has recent traffic on it. We actually saw and SUV and were worried that we could have been mistaken on land ownership. That the area was actually private property. For that reason we didn’t visit the mine. We did make it up and around the summit and came back via the Ozark Trail. Lots of glades, but new growth and pretty brushy. Only decent view was to the south towards peck rank.

Once we got home I checked and the area is definitely open to public. We could have taken road up directly to the mine.

Checked out the river right hillside of Buzzard Mountain Shut-in. Some really great views from up there. Want to try river left next time. Also climbed up river left hillside at Klepzig.

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