Creeks near Council Bluff Lake

Took the camera to James Creek Tributary Shut-in on Saturday. The creek had good flow and I was pretty happy with the photos. It got a bit brighter as the day continued. My next stop was Cub Creek Shut-in. This shut-ins was much larger than I expected. It might actually look better with a bit less flow than what I had. The rhyolite continues for another 500 yards downstream with a few more nice cascades. Parcel of private property beyond that is aggressively (and generously) marked. Looks like the are dealing with ATVs going across their property to access the shut-ins. Not really worth hiking around to see creek downstream of their parcel. The entire area is full of druzy quartz. Both in the creeks and all elevations of the hollows. Would be a fun spot for a rock hound.

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