Mud Creek Shut-in in the Rain

I’ve always visited Mud Creek by fording the St. Francis river in low water. It’s a really neat area with lots of open rock and moss and a nice little swimming hole. However there’s usually not much water flowing through it because to ford the St. Francis you need at least a week without any rain. On this visit it’s been raining for the past week, and even raining the day of. It was pretty spectacular. I approached from the MDC parking lot which turned out to be mistake. That tract is cedar chocked and extremely brushy. You want to at least say on forest service land or approach from Silver Mines Dam. I ended up hiking back out to the road along the forest service parcel and road walking 2 miles back to the lot. Someone has been flagging a trail from the shut-ins up mud creek. There are some nice cascades above the main shut-in worth checking out. I’m not sure how far or where that trail goes.

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