Enjoy the outdoors? Backpacking? Day hikes? Kayaking? MWBP is a group of outdoor enthusiast who enjoy nature in all its beauty. Sharing the experience with other like-minded folks is an opportunity to enrich our own experiences outdoors.

BACKPACKING TRIPS: Overnight events range from moderate-difficult, 10-20 trail miles.

DAY/WARM-UP HIKES: Day hikes range 6-12 miles. A good time to meet members, train, condition, test equipment, etc.

FLOAT TRIPS: Overnight/Multi-day trips covering 12-30 miles per day, hikes optional, with mostly primitive camping.

BUSHWHACK Leave your machetes at home. “Bushwhacking” in Missouri is simply hiking off-trail in the winter once the leaves have dropped. Visit some of the coolest sights seldom seen.

(XT) DESIGNATION: The XT stands for extreme. These events will offer overnight backpacking trips that will be a mix of long miles, very fast pace and/or difficult terrain. Overnight events ranging from 20+ miles. For experienced and trail-conditioned members only.



Must have your own gear. Whatever you think you will need/want, you will need to bring. Please do not plan to use other members equipment or supplies (unless prearranged)

Experience not required but you MUST be conditioned. If you can cover 2-3 miles/hr and come prepared, this is for you.

Group effort is expected at campsites. Sharing/participation in group tasks are essential- Collecting firewood, clearing areas, clean-up, etc. Others are not there for your comfort and relaxation.

“Leave No Trace” always. Groups will be limited 5-20 to minimize impact and based upon event.

No audible electronics. Earbuds on the trails are highly discouraged.

No Guns/Bows/Large knives/Spears/machetes, etc. allowed. You are not going solo in grizzly country. We may run into a stray dog…and very unlikely a black bear that wants nothing to do with us. Yes, small knives are great. Rambo knives? NO.. they are scary, and you become scary carrying one.

DAY/WARM-UP HIKES Come out with a pack (full/half) to test comfort, increase endurance, break in new shoes, etc… Experience not required but you MUST be conditioned. If you can cover 2.5-4 miles/hr and come prepared, this is for you.

FLOAT TRIP Canoe and/or kayak rentals will be available at most float events.


Please be on time to events and ready to start at the designated start time.

If you RSVP and then have to cancel, please give as much notice as possible.

Trips “may” be cancelled due to severe weather.

This group is for singles and couples (must join individually), ages 21-80. If your a fit 81, we can make an exception. Consider the “Hiking and Backpacking with Kids near St. Louis” Meetup group if you are looking for something more family oriented.

No pets allowed at MWBP events (although we love trail dogs, pets can introduce complications to a group trip).

No-Shows (Meaning no show, no call, no text, no whatsoever) to any overnight event will be removed from the group. Serial no-showers and/or last minute “cancellors” to any event will also be removed.

MWBP is not about how big we can get, or about collecting dues. We are about active participation and some level of commitment.

A signed Liability Waiver must be brought to your first event. Please find a copy to print here.

You must be in generally good health. Please do not put the group in jeopardy by trying to do more then you are experienced doing or doing more than you should be doing. It is expected that if you attend an event, you will be prepared both physically and mentally for any challenges inherent in such event.

If the Organizer of an event feels a member is not capable or prepared for any such event, Organizer assumes the right to deny that members participation in such event.

MWBP seeks an active membership base. Please do not join if you do not plan to make an effort to participate.

With all the official stuff out of the way, I hope everyone is looking forward to some great events. Join Midwest Backpackers Meetup